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The Refinery Sector Rule is Here – It’s Not Too Early to Plan

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May 17, 2016 - 1:00 PM CDT
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The Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule was recently finalized by the EPA which requires further control and monitoring of toxic air emissions from petroleum refineries. With a one- to three-year compliance deadline, your time is limited. The final rule and amendments are lengthy and complex.

This webinar will provide a detailed look at the rule, including a review of residual risks, impacts and timing of the rule, flare and pressure relief device (PRD) compliance, and fenceline monitoring. Participants will learn about emissions monitoring, record-keeping and data reporting, as well as all the applicable timelines to meet these EPA compliance requirements.

About Our Speakers

John Downs, Regulatory Manager, B&W

John Downs is Environmental Regulatory Department Manager for B&W. John manages the development, implementation, and overall direction of the company’s KVB-Enertec™ emissions monitoring NetDAHS® data acquisition and handling software as it applies to interpretations of all state, federal, and international rules and regulations. John also works directly with customers on air permit interpretation, with state and federal regulators on rule development and interpretation.

Donald Pretty, Engineering Manager, B&W

Donald Pretty is Engineering Manager for B&W. With more than ten years of experience in air emissions monitoring and through his work with some of the largest refineries in the United States, Donald is an expert on refinery regulations, assisting customers in achieving compliance with the new and changing rules.

Lori Pittman, Managing Consultant, Trinity Consultants

Lori Pittman has more than 17 years of air quality compliance and permitting experience in the petroleum refining and chemical industries. Since 2015, Lori has been Managing Consultant at Trinity Consultants in New Orleans, LA. Prior to Trinity, she worked as a consultant to the petrochemical clients across the nation and working directly onsite managing compliance responsibilities. Lori holds a MS of Chemical Engineering degree from LSU Baton Rouge.