A Republican's Opportunity to Serve
Guest Editorial by David G. Wallace
Chairman, Fort Bend C-Club
Community service in Fort Bend County is such a wonderful asset. It must be, otherwise we wouldnít have so many opportunities in which to serve. We have Rotary, Exchange, Kiwanis, Optimist, Masonic Lodge, Knights of Columbus and many, many more.

One area of community service in Fort Bend County is being engaged in the political process. Here again, Fort Bend County presently offers many avenues in which to get involved and engaged in the political process. In an effort to support Fiscally Conservative Republican candidates, a new service club has been established. It is called the Fort Bend C-Club.

The purpose of the Fort Bend C-Club is to provide a forum to promote an environment in which Fiscally Conservative Republican candidates possessing high moral principles and a clear vision of the future can be elected. To further these purposes, the Fort Bend C-Club is empowered to solicit and accept personal contributions, and to make expenditures in connection with an attempt to influence the selection, nomination or election of any individual to any State or Local office, or any other fiscally conservative issue as deemed appropriate my the membership. The Fort Bend C-Club support of political candidates is based upon the Republican candidateís support of conservative fiscal policies and the preservation of our quality of life in Fort Bend County.

The membership of the Fort Bend C-Club meets on a quarterly basis, and has a Candidate Selection Committee to interview and make recommendations of candidates on various elections. Once the interviews are completed, the candidate information is disseminated and the entire membership is then asked to vote on the endorsement or financial support of the selected candidate. This is truly a democratic process of the membership, and not the anointment by merely a few members.

The Fort Bend C-Club membership is comprised of fiscally conservative business, professional and community leaders. A person will become a member of the Fort Bend C-Club upon receipt of an invitation to become a member and delivery of an executed membership application and a minimum contribution ($1,500) to the Fort Bend C-Club Treasurer. With the anticipated membership of only 100 members, the club is then armed with over $100,000 in capital in which to support its mission.

The newly-formed Fort Bend C-Club is holding its next meeting / fundraiser with Fox News Analyst and former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow as the featured speaker. The Presidentís Gala will take place on March 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Safari Texas in Richmond.

To find out more about the event including how to purchase tickets, or if you are interested in becoming a member, please visit www.fbcclub.com or call Richard McCarter at 281-341-5078. Sponsorship opportunities are also available for the Presidentís Gala.