November 12th
@ 11:00AM EST
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WEBINAR: The 4 most important criteria when
selecting your heat transfer fluid
Fluid selection is key to ensure your heat transfer fluid system delivers long life, performs at it optimum efficiency and ensures a safe working environment. Join the webinar as we review important criteria when making fluid selection decisions for heat transfer fluid.
Presenter – Conrad Gamble
Conrad Gamble is a Senior Associate at Eastman Chemical Company. He has extensive experience in heat transfer fluids and has done numerous engineering seminars on heat transfer fluid systems. He has worked in roles in manufacturing and engineering, and currently serves in technical service as Product Steward for Therminol® heat transfer fluids. Conrad holds a B.S. Ch. E. from the University of Alabama and is a licensed professional engineer.

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DATE: November 12th
Q&A:15 min
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