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Operating waste-to-energy power plants have a lot of day-to-day challenges. Volatile combustion, unstable steam, staff issues, and CO-peaks are common problems. In addition, there are problems that are unique to a single power plant. Often, these problems persist even with fire control systems. At Uniper, we have developed an AI-based tool that not only helps power plants overcome their challenges but also achieves their performance goals.

In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at how we tackle these challenges using artificial intelligence and how it can be applied to any waste-to-energy power plant.

Join Uniper’s Tobias Mathur, Head of Operaite, to learn:
  • How Uniper has developed an AI that can operate a power plant
  • How the process of implementing AI works
  • And, what are the use cases for this technology
About the presenters:

Tobias Mathur, Head of Operaite

Tobias Mathur (Lawyer, eMBA Kellogg-WHU) leads a cross-functional team composed of AI and power plant engineers developing AI applications to operate power plants. Tobias has been working on innovative projects to enable energy transition for over eight years, as well as on digitization and machine learning. He firmly believes that AI will play a key role in different areas of future power plant operations.

Thomas Lanz, Project Leader for Operaite

Thomas Lanz is a Project Leader for Operaite by Uniper. Thomas holds a Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Energy Technologies, and a WHU MBA degree in General Management. Before joining Uniper, he worked in diverse energy-related fields at Siemens, such as the development of turbomachinery and commissioning and operation of thermal power plants. Furthermore, he worked as a Project Leader at McKinsey and supported companies in their energy transition and digitization efforts.

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