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Thermal / Infra-red... Emission Detections, Drone Surveys

Drones - Safe / Quality Information Of Actionable Intelligence And Cost Savings

Drones can be utilized for a variety of inspection purposes throughout refineries, petrochemical plants and production facilities providing you with more “actionable intelligence” for future shut downs or indeed emergency repairs.
  • Thermal / Infra-red and Emission Inspections
  • Structural Inspection

Taking a holistic view of the information provided and being in a position to comprehensively work your repair and maintenance plan will offer greatly enhanced budgeting capability. Our qualified inspectors, engineers and rope access specialists will work with your team to develop your game plan.

Thermal / Infrared Emission Inspections

Thermal/infrared inspections are performed on many industrial structures to include flare stacks, chimneys, process equipment and storage tanks. These inspections identify hot spots on electrical equipment, potential bearing failures on rotational equipment, gas leaks, burn back and refractory breakdown.

Storage Tank leak... with naked eye and under infra-red!

Identifying emissions will not only save the loss of valued product it will also serve to protect the facility owners from the wrath of the EPA. In a global effort to reduce emissions, legislation is about to change that will have a dramatic effect on facilities that are habitual polluters.

Structural and Annual Inspections

Typical inspections are performed on any industrial structures at height, or where access is limited. Information can be provided on condition of towers, attachments, ducting, pipework, roofing walkways and gantries preventing failures potential dropped objects etc.

Rope Access

With our “Rope Access Service” we can take the information gained from the survey work and design a plan for repair and maintenance without the requirement for scaffolding, cranes towers. Once again saving valuable dollars and cents. Typical repairs include; flare tip replacement, insulation repairs, refractory repairs, chimney works and all manner of mechanical works.